What can be done against Covid-19 ?



No convincing  specific treatment exists yet, but several measures have been proposed and proven useful  to reinforce patient immunity.

The most important advice, and not controversial, is  vitamin D supplementation. Vitamin D deficiency (70 percent of Europe's population has subnormal blood levels) has been associated with a higher Covid-19 morbidity (more serious symptoms) and mortality. High blood levels also seem associated with a slightly lower incidence of positive nasal PCR  tests detecting viral material. Therefore  vitamin D may even decrease the risk of contamination.

Below  is a summary of  what can be proposed today in Belgium : 

- Vitamin D : for instance  D-cure, one box of  12 ampules, 25.000 units each, one ampule to drink once a week or every two weeks. Vitamin D is stored in the liver, may but does not need to be taken daily.  A dose of  3.000 units daily has been recommended for elderly people, all year round.  The safety margin is excellent  : no toxicity has been reported under 10.000 units/day. In children it is probably not useful or advisable to exceed 2.000 units/day.

- Selenium : for instance Supra Selenium DeBa Pharma, 200  mcg  (100 tablets)

- Green tea (which also exists as concentrated extracts, for instance Mannavital green tea platinum).

-  Probiotics to optimize the gut flora : for instance  Probactiol duo (box of 30), 2 a day.

- Zinc : for instance  Influ-Zinc, lozenges,  2-3 a day for a week, no more (excess zinc disturbs copper metabolism). Zinc is a non-specific  immunity booster. It also specifically inhibits rhinoviruses, responsible for many common colds, lowers and shortens cold symptoms provided the treatment is started as soon as they appear.

- Vitamin C  : for instance  C-Will (500 mg)

- Quercetin (increases the anti-viral action of vitamin C) : for instance  DeBa  Quercétine-forte 400 mg.

All  that  is mentioned above is  available over the counter in neighbourhood or online pharmacies (such as New Pharma or others).

- Influenza vaccine :  health workers  who received the vaccine last year benefit from a lower risk of contamination by covid-19 (a 39 percent reduction).  And the tetravalent  flu vaccine may offer  partial protection against covid-19 this year  as well.

And if symptoms appear  ? 

The most suggestive signs for Covid-19 are headache, fever, dry cough, loss of taste or smell, intense fatigue, aches and pains. This list is far from complete, the disease has multiple presentations.

The main danger is the cytokine storm, after about a week of evolution.  It is an immune detrimental  overreaction attacking  mostly lungs, causing shortness of breath, respiratory distress, requiring oxygen, intensive care, sometimes intubation and machine ventilation. 

When the situation is so serious, effective treatment  requires a hospital admission, which we would prefer to avoid. Is it possible to act earlier, to minimize  symptoms and obtain a milder evolution ?  It remains unclear. 

Hydroxychloroquin (HCQ)  was initially  presented as  effective, but  many disappointing or disturbing observations  failed to confirm this contention, at least for hospitalized patients. 

Other studies are more positive.  Started early it may  make a difference. The  risk of toxicity is low at usual dosages (Plaquenil 200 mg 2-3 x a day, 5-7 days). 

In children, the medication is not used before 6 years of age and the reference dosage (for other indications) should not exceed 6,5 mg/kg body weight per day. The tablets can be cut with an appropriate device available in pharmacies ("coupe-pilule").

HCQ remains both controversial and  defensible in a limited way. If  taken to prevent the disease (but several studies have failed to confirm a beneficial effect)  the lowest reference adult dosage  (against malaria) could be  400 mg (2 tablets) once a week.


early hcq seems  effective against covid-19


A team from Georgia  has studied cannabidiol (CBD).  Encouraging results suggest that  the medication, a legal by-product of  cannabis (without the euphorizing action) may be useful against the cytokine storm. CBD oil  - to be taken by mouth -  is available on the internet and in belgian pharmacies without prescription.  If this hope is confirmed, we would have a cheap, easily available weapon againt this complication, which could help reduce the saturation of hospitals.







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