Diabetes, emergencies 

The treatment of hypoglycaemias is well known : give sugar. If the patient is unable to eat or drink, often because of unconsciousness, an intramuscular injection of glucagon  should raise glycemia and restore consciousness. 

On the other hand the insulin dose necessary to correct an unexpected hyperglycaemia when diabetes is otherwise well controlled, is more difficult to determine. 

This emergency treatment aims at lowering  glycaemia to about 150 mg / dL, in two hours. 

The following formula is proposed, where  G is  the measured (excessive) glycaemia  and DD the usual total insulin daily dosage. The number of units of  rapid insulin to inject is equal to (G - 150) x (DD/1500). 

For instance, if the total daily dose of insulin is 45 u, and glycaemia is 500 mg /dl, a dose of 10.5 u of rapid insulin is recommended.  

The small program below does the calculation for you. 


Total usual insulin daily dose

Actual glycaemia in mg/dL

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