"Swimmers ear"


Those who swim regularly are exposed to otitis externa. The problem is observed more in summer but is seen all year round in swimming pool users.

The external auditory canal is swollen, inflamed,  ear pain is sometimes intense, or totally absent, reduced  to slight discomfort or tickling. The patient has a feeling of blocked ear, and hearing may be impaired. If  oozing or discharge occurs,  cultures  often bring up pseudomonas, commonly  leading to the prescription of antibiotic ear drops, often unsuccessful. Sometimes  inflammation spreads to the middle ear and requires  systemic antibiotics. This condition can evolve with ups and downs for years without a real solution.

Hence the interest of a preventive treatment to control the situation.

Frequent, even daily ear rinses with lukewarm vinegar water are recommended for those who suffer from this condition and usually solve the problem quickly. In practice, you can use a cup of lukewarm water, for example bath water, which is neither too hot nor too cold, to which you add a small amount (about one to two tablespoons) of white vinegar. One easy technique is to use an empty plastic shampoo bottle to add vinegar to a cup of lukewarm water.

This mixture can then be used to rinse  ears repeatedly with the rubber bulb  intended for this use and available in pharmacies.

This procedure has another advantage: it can remove earwax and plugs that have formed, especially when you have used cotton swabs, another cause of irritation of the ear canal  and otitis externa ...

The picture below illustrates this description.






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